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"Articles of War"

The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his. -George Patton

The Army of Blood Keep is first and foremost a military styled guild, as such we will wage war upon those deemed our enemy, until it is clear we are the victors. As a guild will enter into the field of combat at all times with honor towards those we are about to defeat.

As a guide for those who are considering to do battle against us, we offer the following Articles for your benefit so that you may better understand what it is you are about to face in combat. We live and die for war. We shall kill our enemies as needed, and without remorse. We enjoy role-playing and as such look forward to controlled battles with a role-play theme.

Make no mistake about us though, for those whom think that we are strictly a role-playing guild, we are not. We live to fight. We enjoy seeing our opponents fall to the ground before us.

As such, we have instituted two versions of our warfare articles.

Article One:
The Army of Blood Keep enjoys a role-playing balanced war to which we shall abide by the following terms as agreed upon by those whom wish to do battle. While we understand that situations arise where parties may not follow the articles, members of ABK shall abide by the following terms if your preparing to enter into a story based combat with us.

  • 1. Members of ABK shall not loot you for items other then coin and one item of value.
  • 2. Members of ABK shall not skirmish within towns unless or other safe havens unless announced prior.
  • 3. Every possible attempt shall be made to not include or harm innocent bystanders during battle. While there will be casualties of war in certain circumstances, ABK will attempt to ensure they are given a reasonable chance to evade the combat first.
  • 4. Fallen Enemies shall be given time to depart an area to which they perished.
  • 5. We shall not police you and yours, but will only take action for our own.
  • 6. If you are entering into a role-play war with us, prior to taking a field of combat, we must agree upon the 'theme of the war,' and who shall be considered the aggressor and defender.
  • 7. Battles shall be considered a best of three where the victor will be determined. These battles are separate from skirmishing. After both forces have met for a total of three large-scale battles, the victor of the battle shall be announced.
  • 8. Terms shall be delivered as pre-announced after reasonable time after a victor is announced.
  • 9. If parties entire into combat that were not included prior to announced battles, we shall withdraw from the field with no ramifications upon either party. We would expect that each of our forces stopped in a temporary truce to defeat those who interrupted our war.
  • 10. During the war, ABK members shall stay within the story context of the role-play for the war, and crossposting of tales is encouraged.
These are only our preliminary rules, and we fully accept discussions to modify them between both groups.

Article Two:
Per our Guild Warcry, “Blood Will Follow Blood.” There are no rules, and we will see you and yours destroyed. It is war without mercy, and no quarter shall be given.

If you would like to enter into war with Army of Blood Keep, please open discussions by sending a letter, or introducing you and yours on our forums, detailing who you represent and why you would like to do battle with us. The more information your provide, the better for us to open discussions for the enjoyment of both our parties.

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