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"Units and Ranks"

Guild Structure

My center is giving way, my right is in retreat; situation excellent. I shall attack. -Ferdinand Foch

The Army of Blood Keep is divided into various units which perform specific duties, with membership broken into ranks for each division of the guild. Members of ABK will have a general guild rank along with a position in one of these units. Each unit will consist of 11 members; 8 being Lancers, 2 being Knights in charge of a quad and 1 Arch Knight whom is responsible for the unit. Each guild functions independently as a whole to the greater of the guild, thus ensuring that missions and goals are accomplished.

The Blood Knights:
Creed: "For Honor!"

    These warriors are the personal guards to the Commanders and Lord Commander. They are responsible for the well being and safety of his person, the command of ABK, and ensuring that the commanders not be overthrown. While in the field of combat, the Blood Knights will ensure that the saftey and well being to the commanding bodies of the guild do not fall, sacrificing themselves if need be, to ensure victory.

The Protectors of the Keep:
Creed: "For Courage!"

    These warriors are the chosen protectors of the Keep itself. They fear nothing and insure that the walls of the keep are never breached. These warriors are often heard speaking of the power of Blood Keep while adventuring. The Protectors stand ever vigilant with their charge, the Keep has never been breached or fallen under their watch.

The Honor Guard:
Creed: "For Honour!"

    When the envoys of Blood Keep venture out into the realms for meetings with other guilds these soldiers are responsible for their safety. They represent the honor and wisdom found in the guild and tells the tales of our exploits as they travel the lands. Diplomats, Ambassadors and Merchants often seek out those of the Honor Guard knowing they will arrive at their destinations safely.

The Crimson Guard:
Creed: "For Valor!"

    The elite embodiement of what it is to be 'Of the Blood,' and a wearer of a 'Blood Scar.' These soldiers are the best of the best, highly trained, and specialized killers both singly and in groups. Enlistment into this unit is by invitation only, and then only through rigourous continued training and testing. Battles have turned at the mention the Crimson Guard were taking the field of combat. They never leave one of their own behind and always ensure fallen comrades are taken care of properly.

The Avant-Garde:
Creed: "For Blood!"

    The Army of Blood Keep disavows any knowledge of such a unit existing, or residing within the Walls of the Keep. Either Past, Present or Future. We do not know of any such entity that has ever, nor will ever act with this name on behalf of the Army of Blood Keep, ABK or under any direct authority from the Commanders of the guild. The Army of Blood Keep does not condone the use of Assasins, hired killers or covert operating groups on the behalf of our forces.
"Member Ranks and Advancement"

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