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"Units and Ranks"

Ranks and Advancement

The most important qualification of a soldier is fortitude under fatigue and privation. Courage is only second; hardship, poverty and want are the best school for a soldier. -Napoleon Bonaparte

To better serve the members of the guild, and the guild, "Army of Blood Keep" members are ranked into positions within the units they are part of. Following a military basis of organization the guild can function in it's efforts with a chain of command in place at all times. At any given time, a member can seek direction within his unit from the ranking leader available for a course of action that is questionable.

While the "Army of Blood Keep" fully supports independent thoughts and actions by those who will act to benefit the guild the situation does arise when specific objectives and leadership is needed.

Individual General Guild Ranks:
The highest ranks in the guild belong to the Commanders.
They are as follows:

  • The Guild Master (GM) with the rank of Lord Commander
  • Two Assistant Guild Masters (AGM) with the rank of High Commander.
  • Chapter Guild Leaders (CGL) with the rank of Chapter Commander.
The GM and the AGM's have final say in all matters.
The GM can overrule an AGM with good reason.
The GM and AGM's can overrule a Chapter Guild Leader with good reason.
The GM, AGM's and CGL's will listen to all views of members impartially and implement changes as warranted.

The Ranks are in the following in order from highest to lowest:
  • Lord Commander (Guild Master)
  • High Commander (Assistant Guild Masters)
  • Commander (Chapter Guild Leaders)
  • Master Knight Lords
  • Master Arch Knights
  • Master Knights
  • Knight Lords
  • Arch Knights
  • Knights
  • Lancers
  • Recruit
To obtain these ranks the listed requirements are below, with a base definition of duties members are expected to support and adhere too.

Rising Up in the Ranks:

To Join (Recruit)

    1) Post in a role-play fashion upon the guild boards introducing your character and seeking membership to enlist in the Army of Blood Keep.
    2) Fill out an application to enlist in the guild.
    3) Swear to the pact and uphold the laws of ABK.
    4) Start PvP training, or show knowledge of PvP skill.
    5) All new members will start in the guild as a recruit, during this time you will be evaluated by the guild in a probationary manner. ABK seeks only quality members who will dedicate themselves to the guild and guild mates.


    1) Post Regularly.
    2) Prove yourself in PvP training by winning a best 2 of 3
    fights against a Master Knight.
    3) Prove yourself in pvp combat against 1 foe.
    4) Post and ask for a battle in RP format.
    5) Have your sponsor's approval.
    6) Recruit 5 Current Recruits of good standing.


    1) Post regularly.
    2) Must be proven in pvp combat.
    3) Have recruited ten members who are current lancers.
    4) Post and ask for it in RP format.
    5) Willing to Lead a Quad (4 Lancers) team from the unit your in.


    1) Post regularly.
    2) Willing to oversee the command of a Unit.
    3) Knowledge and leadership abilities in group PvP.
    4) Willing to oversee unit administrative duties.
    5) Post and ask for it in RP format.


    1) Post regularly in RP format.
    2) Oversee Sponsorship of a recruit(s).
    3) Assist and oversee administrative duties and command of 2 units.
    4) Post and ask for it in RP format.


    1) Post regularly in RP formats.
    2) Willing to and have tested recruits in PvP.
    3) Oversee all functions of the Guild Units.
    4) Assist in internal guild events.
    5) Post and ask for it in RP format.


    1) Post regularly in RP formats.
    2) Willing to lead, sponsor and create internal guild events.
    3) Willing to assist in external guild events.
    4) Post and ask for it in RP format.


    1) Post regularly in RP formats.
    2) Willing to lead, sponsor and create external guild events.
    3) There is an available Master Knight Lord position.
    4) Post and ask for it in RP format.
    5) Pass a test given by the Commanders.
    6) Have a majority vote by the Commanders.


    1) Post regularly in RP format.
    2) Have fulfilled each duty within the guild.
    3) There is a Commander available.
    4) Post and ask for it in RP format.
    5) Commanders can only be promoted and named by the Lord Commander in consensus with the High Commanders.


    1) Have shown dedication to the guild.
    2) Fulfilled each duty within the guild.
    4) Be willing to take on all responsibilities.
    4) Accept the position from the current GM.
    5) There be a GM position available.

The current GM will name his successor to the rank Lord Commander only from his current AGM's.

These are just for promotions and only include a brief definition of responsibilities of the ranks. The Commanders have the right to change these rules at any time. Exceptions to the progress of rankings can be made by the Lord Commander (GM) at their discretion. All requests for promotion will be taken into consideration.

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