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"New Beginings"

A great force shall arise, and they shall know no fear, leading us into a new era of war. -Unknown Monk from Empath Abbey

For two years the halls had stood empty. No guards were posted and the Keep had been deserted. They had heard the call from distant lands and slowly they began to return. Merchants and Mercenaries, Nobles and Low Born had heard of the Rebirth of the old army coming once more, an army only told of in legends to children or between men who claimed to of been in the service while sharing in mead late into the night at inns.

Making a home in the lands of Sosaria the army grew into a powerful force. The lands were strange, the people different but “The Pact” remained the same. As many warriors of old traveled forward to the new keep they were greeted by the banners of old proudly waving and felt the call of the blood in their veins. It was not a land of peace but a land filled with monsters that threatened the life of all at every turn with the most horrid of monsters, man himself. There were murderers a plenty and people sought the power and protection of so great an army.

The leaders and soldiers were on constant alert and traveling often to tend to so much. While within the ranks the newest to answer the call soon showed their worth and rose in deeds that would fill tomes. Lady Kiera showed herself to be no ordinary woman and a proven leader whom quickly earned the respect of all and dedicated to the virtues. As the duties pulled upon the commanders Kiera soon found herself in among their ranks, a new Commander to lead in a new land.

Evil swooped upon Sosaria as the evil of long ago raised itself in the form of a bitter woman named Minax. The Army had been busy and was ready. They had gained much respect forming many allies during their time in the land with and those who were awed by them. They called upon them during the darkest hours upon Sosaria. Joining together with other guilds to lead what would be dubbed as 'The Alliance,' they fought back the evil. Helping to organize the guilds and taking upon themselves the guarding of the major cities of Britannia, they rode forth mounted and fully armed again they showed themselves a force to be reckoned with, where others would learn and soon follow in the steps that those of the Blood led. The banners of black and red rode bravely forth. In wisdom and strength they helped to lead the young, old and weak to new lands and escape the viciousness of the onslaught to come.

The Army of Blood Keep did not retreat to the new lands of Trammel but remained on the battle scared lands within Felucca and as the land became desolate the people divided splintering into four factions claiming to be saviors in the absence of Lord British. It was no longer a fight of Sosaria against Minax, but of the people against each other. Choosing the side they felt best met the goals of “The Pact” and bravely fighting on as Shadow Lords. The new evil they fought now could not be stopped for it was in the very heart of men and all seemed to betray and lie. The Army held firm and even in this time grew in strength, beating back those of evil, greed and darkness to a draw.

The banners never fell.

The banners never will.

The Army retired to their home. No battle won but not beaten either. What beats within the blood cannot be beaten. Some were tired of fighting. Some had married and even had children. It was time to withdraw for even the avatars spoken in legend failed the lands, and so left the army and traveled to safer lands. The army waited, listening of a land beyond. The banners flew high. A new path was chosen.

'As Scribed this day by the Pen of Lorriana'
Army of Blood Keep, Grandmaster Scribe

The Army of Blood Keep reformed within the lands of Ultima Online during the fall of 1999, under several of the original founding members and those whom were members in the years that followed. After a two-year absence as an online gaming guild, ABK attracted older members since retired and new that were eager to see a unique guild such as Army of Blood Keep and led the guild to a new era of conquest.

As an Order Guild, as a Warring Guild and eventually a Faction Guild members promoted the guild to once more take the lead as one of the premier online gaming guilds winning numerous awards and recognition. After two years in Ultima Online the content was found lacking and the guild officially disbanded within that game. While you can still find those of the blood within the lands on the Catskills server, ABK as a guild has moved on to new conquests.

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