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"Time is the fire in which we burn." -Gene Roddenberry

Army of Blood Keep Timeline

Pre-Founding -18 Years:
Taarna, the last Taarakian, dressed in the Red and Black armor of the Blood fell in battle victorious to those who would take the lives of the meek. Those who were witness swore an oath that they would never forget her sacrifice and made "The Pact: To defend, this is the pact, but when life loses all value and is taken for naught, then the pact is to...Avenge!!!

Pre-Founding -11 Years:
Rampaging orcs and goblinkind banded together forming a horde threatening all. An assorted army of humans, elves, dwarves, and halflings assemble to stop the horde. A great battle ensues at "Bloodstone Pass," and the horde is repulsed, many warriors perish restoring peace. To protect the border from future incursions, a 'Keep on the Border Lands' is built, named Kendall Keep.

Pre-Founding -4 Years:
Lord Blud slays an awnsheghlien in the Forgotten Realms, he discovers his 'BirthRight,' that he is of 'The Blood' from the Taarakians, he begins his search for other's bonded to the land by 'Blood' and 'BirthRight.'

The Founding:
Rumors of Goblinkind rallying once more in the 'BloodStone Mountain Ranges.' Lord Nasher of NeverWinter commission's Lord Blud to erect a garrison at Kendall Keep. With a group of those of 'The Blood,' an army is formed the keep renamed and manned. The goblinkind horde poses no threat.

In December of 1994 'The Army of Blood Keep' is founded in NeverWinter Nights on America Online as a Tales Folder, in less then 2 month's they are officially a non-sanctioned guild.

Year 2:
Wizards within ABK discover portals leading to the desert world of Thyatis, quickly seeing that the people are subject to tyranny by the Dragon King's, The Army of Blood Keep founds it's first chapter in another world.

Under the leadership of ABK Merlin and ABK Talon, the Army of Blood Keep founds it's first guild chapter in the DarkSun Online Game, quickly the guild rise's in power and becomes a reknown force in the world.

Year 3:
Lord Nasher of NeverWinter officially recognizes 'The Army of Blood Keep' for it's contributions within the lands of Faerune.

The Army of Blood Keep is sanctioned as an official guild of NeverWinter Night's on America Online. It is the last guild that will ever be sanctioned in that game.
An outpost of ABK is formed in the World of Panterra, as the Lords of Empriya begin shaping the land.
A Chapter is formed in the game LoE
The World of Faerune faces 'The Time of Troubles,' for the resident's of NeverWinter, the world as they know it, is destroyed in a cataclysm.
In 1997 America Online closes the Game NeverWinter Night's. To date no game has been able to recapture the community that was formed within that game.

Year 4:
The ABK chapter disbands in the world of Thyatis, using arcane means they migrate to the world of Sosaria. In the lands of Brittania they reform as BCK, 'The Brotherhood of Crimson Knights.' They remember their past, but build a new future as a separate entity, as a new guild not affiliated with ABK.

Refugees from the NeverWinter cataclysm continue searching for new lands to call home; scouts of ABK explore the lands of Gemstone, DarkSun, Meridian, The Relams, and Ultima. No official guild chapters are formed. Many whom once wore the colors of ABK proudly are lost.

Year 5:
The New Blood Outpost, last chapter of The Army of Blood Keep disbands in Panterra, that world is plagued.

Due to continued problems with the beta of the game Fred Arbona and Realmsnet Cancel the Game.

Year 6:
The Pact is held and a new chapter begins in the land of Sosaria in Ultima Online. Traveling to shards of Atlantic and Seige they settle and build in Catskills. The Call to those of the Blood goes out, and a new era of history begins.

August 2, 1999 'The Army of Blood Keep' officially reforms and the Pact is restored.

Today (October 9, 2001) Year 8:
With portals to new worlds open once more, expeditions are sent out into the new lands to restore and uphold 'The Pact.'

'The Army of Blood Keep' travels to Dark Age of Camelot.

Hear the call of the Blood, Learn of the Pact as ABK comes to the lands of Shadowbane.

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