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A great force shall arise, and they shall know no fear, leading us into a new era of war. -Unknown Monk from Empath Abbey

Like the fiery phoenix reborn from the ashes of death, the walls rose up from the ground, towers located in strategic points, the sounds of war echoed through the chasm surrounding the keep.

Banners unfurled from the parapets, flags proudly flapping in the wind, this was a bastion of peace, a stronghold of protection, a place of war.

The great hall resounded with the echoes of weapons being drawn, as one by one; warriors strode to the dais at the end of the hall, and knelt before the throne.

Swearing oaths of fealty to uphold ‘The Pact,’ reciting it word for word as a prayer to be forever memorized, they drank from the ‘Chalice of Blood,’ the drink of wine filled each warrior as they in turn drank deeply from the great cup, the wine filling each of them with the blood of Tarak and Axiom, tying them as one to the land as scions and reagent’s ‘Of The Blood.’

The towers crackled with energy as wizards once more practiced their magical arts of war.

Prominently embedded in the center of hall, ‘Hadeans' Blade’ rose up and out of the stone floor, as along the walls warriors dressed in the Red and Black colors of the Keep, armor and weapons once fashioned by the Taarkians of old.

The long hall’s dusty and unused for so long, sprang to life once more as warriors reviewed the names of those who came before them as written in the ‘Hall of Heroes,’ and of thier conquests as recorded in the ‘Libram of Blood.’

The walls manned once more, guards posted at the gates, war horses saddled once again, scouts rode out from the keep, across it’s wooden bridge spanning over the great chasm and into the world once more.

News spread like wildfire that the winds of change were about to occur. Heralds trumpeted with great fanfare as proclamations were told.

"The Army of Blood Keep is Reborn!"

Throughout the lands people rejoiced; as more warriors, scouts, clerics and mages were welcomed to join the army swearing to uphold ‘The Pact,’ while beings who knew only evil so vile and awnsheghlien alike began to remember what fear was like, for they knew their days would be numbered, as the war cry already began to sound across the land.

"Blood will follow Blood!!!"

Army of Blood Keep
has returned.

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