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"Army of Blood Keep Charter"

"To defend. This is the pact, but when life loses all value and is taken for naught, then the pact is to... Avenge ! ! !" -Army of Blood Keep Credo, incorporated by Najec from the movie Heavy Metal

"Blood Will Follow Blood!" -Army of Blood Keep Warcry, from Damage, Inc. by Metallica

Guild Rules & Structure

Guild Rules

In better to serve our guild, each other and the Realms we do battle in all members will adhere to our bylaws as observed within the guild charter. We have endured and continue to be victorious in wars and battles by our brothers and sisters in arms knowing what is expected from each other as written forthwith.

1. Promote the Army of Blood Keep and ABK when the opportunity arises. It is everyone's responsibility to bring others into joining the pact. Have anyone who is interested in the guild fill out an application stating their class, alignment, level and race, and post an introduction on the guild boards in role-play fashion seeking membership.

2. Give choice enchanted items to other guild members when possible.

3. Give unneeded items to new players when you can. We all remember how hard it was to get enchanted articles when we first started. This is a great recruiting tool. Especially if you have time to adventure with them.

4. Read the guild folder! This is important. We may be at war and you won't know it if you don't read the folder. It will tell you who our allies are in such wars. (You do not want to be like the fellow from one of the other guilds who didn't help an ally in a PvP because he hadn't read the guild folder to know what was going on).

5. Post in the folder. Keep the guild appraised of your exploits in the realms and your advancement in level. This gives us an idea of who to promote and who our leaders will be in times of war. It has been made MANDATORY that all active members post at least once a week in the guild folder. We look for quality posts that involve role-playing.

6. Help others. Whenever possible help others in the name of The Army of Blood Keep, if they cross you...kill them.

7.Guild colors. It is MANDATORY that you have the guild colors of black with red highlights represented in your icon. You do not want to be mistaken for an enemy in times of war, and you want to be recognized by others.

8. Surnames. Try to have the guild name, 'Of the Blood,' or 'ABK' in your surname along with your rank so that people know who you are when they look at you. Always have ther guild title visible.

9. ABK screen names. It is highly suggested that you have an ABK screen name, or wear the ABK guild tag. It makes us more visible in the realms, which makes recruiting easier. You will get more respect from members of other guilds. It makes it much easier to find each other when we're on line.

10. The Guildmaster has final say in all matters.

11. Dues. All members are required to pay dues to the guild on a monthly basis to help establish and secure items, buildings and in game upgrades, these dues are paid for with in game currency.

12. Rule Violations are subject to dismissal from the guild:

  • failure to promote ABK positively
  • all members will conduct themselves in a mature manner
  • no members will resort to out of character harassment of another
  • no members will hack, alter or exploit software
  • no members will violate tos of a game

13. Have Fun! We do this as a hobby, to get away from the day to day pressures we deal with, this is a game, and here is where we allow our alter-egos free domain.

Rules are subject to change. All suggestions are welcome.

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