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"Enlist in the Army of Blood Keep"

hey man i want to join your guild, but i dont want to go throught all these steaps to become a knight, so ill only join if wright away im a knight i have rockin skills -A Denied Applicant

Note: Before filling out the application, review the guild site learning about who and what we are, and post an introduction of your character on the boards in role-play fashion using what you have learned about ABK and why you wish to join. Only serious applications will be considered. Currently applications are only being accepted for Dark Age of Camelot, you may apply for another game and note it at bottom of form under comment's, as a chapter opens in other games your application will be considered first.

Player Information:
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What Games have you been involved in?
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Meridian 59
The Realm
Panterra (LoE)
Ultima Online
Command &
Baldur's Gate
The 4th Coming
Asheron's Call
Metal Knights
Anarchy Online
Other (*see below)

*If you checked "Other", please list game(s) below:

How many hours per week can you dedicate to the guild in game or out?
2 Hours
5 Hours
8 Hours
10 Hours
15 Hours
16+ Hours

Army of Blood Keep is both a Role-Playing and PvP Guild, will you take part in both actively?" Role-Play Only PvP Only RP and PvP

ABK is built upon a military theme. As such, men and women will be in command, do you have any issues following directions from the opposite sex? Yes No


Have you ever seen the movie "Matrix?" Yes No
  • If yes, what pill would you take, the red or the blue? Red Blue
  • Have you ever been a member of ABK? Yes No

    • If yes, what was your ABK Screen Name?
    • Why did you leave ABK?
    Have you ever been in any other guild(s)? Yes No
    • If yes, please list them below and whether or not you are still a member. If you are no longer a member, please explain why.
    How did you learn of the Army of Blood Keep?
    • Name three members of ABK who refered you or can speak for you. (If applicable.)
    Explain how joining the Army of Blood Keep would benifit both you and the guild.
    Any comments you would like to add?


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